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Nancy Sifton

Nancy Sifton has traveled the world and attended over one thousand performances by the world’s greatest dancer  - Rudolf Nureyev. 

Nancy Sifton was born in Detroit, Michigan and attended the University of Detroit prior to moving to San Francisco. There she attended numerous arts-related classes in addition to writing performance reviews and weekly newsletters for friends. A lifelong diary writer, she kept journals from her extensive travels. After three years in London, she moved to New York City and received her Arts Administration certificate from New York University. A volunteer for both New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre, she began contributing performance reviews to Ballethotline, a dance website. She had articles published in Ballet Review, Dance Magazine, Dance and Dancers, and Dance Now. She has transcribed over 100 interviews for the Oral History Project at the Performing Arts Library, and archived photo collections there. Prior to returning to Michigan in 2016, she donated her extensive Nureyev Collection to the Dance Library in New York. She helped organize and provided reports for two international symposiums on Nureyev’s career, first in New York in 1997 and the second in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1998.

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